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About SeoPros.com

 SafeSubmit started out as a project of CaSEM technologies for SeoPros.org. Originally its purpose was to provide SeoPros SafeSubmita method for members to supply listing and reciprocal link data for clients as specified in the "best practices" advocated by the Org. Part of that effort was the review of directories by a committee of senior members. Jeff Bushey and Terry Van Horne did the reviews and Bob Gladstein and CJ Newton provided other input. It is our hope moving this project to a community will build a stronger list and the community as a whole will share in the ongoing monitoring of the sites in both the press release and directory lists.

SafeSubmit Community

The Directory List is now in the care of the SafeSubmit community. The current list will Photoalways be on SeoPros.org what is added subsequently will be up to the community and individual user preferences. The press release services and site reviews list was also researched by Terry Van Horne. Each member has the option of sharing a new resource or keeping it private. In the future that may also become one of the ways the service is monetized. The list will always be free to view by members of the communities in the future there will be additions made to monitor and maintain back links

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