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SeoPros started out as a simple consumer advocacy group to help people find legitimate SEOs. Personally I wanted to distance myself from the fringe players who were ruining the reputation of the SEO industry. Any paid services from this site are supporting OSEOP i.e. The Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals is a registered Ontario Not For Profit Organization. The ORG receives 50% off the top in the hopes that enough money can be made to support a campaign for true standards handled by a "body of peers" that will not just be another way to monetize education programs or provide certification that gives credibility where credibility may or may not be warranted/earned.

The SeoPros Directory List is now in the care of the SafeSubmit community. The current list will always be on Any new sites added subsequent to that will be up to the community and individual user preferences. Basically SeoPros will be viewed as being outside the community. That is only fair since the ORG will no longer be responsible for upkeep, that will be the "sole responsibility" of the users of the resource.

The press release services and site reviews list was also researched by Terry Van Horne. Presently a few of these services have been used much like we did with the directories, it is done anonymously. These reviews are slightly different in that for directories it was more about the processing and quality of the directory. Press release reviews IME are as much about the value from an SEO point as the quality of the service. To a great extent these services have not been monitored or used to the extent that directories have been. There are many factors yet to be determined.

The press release services will have a campaign and a reports feature that will be used to access these services as an aggregate of the community as well as at the campaign level. Anyone who has used these services will tell you this will be an awesome timesaver and competitive advantage for the community members. Basically you'll be able to take stats from the release sites plug them in here, add to that the link data collected using the monitoring and link maintenance tools. That will also enable you to make more informed choices about which releases to build more links to.

Each member has the option of sharing a new resource or in the future there will be a pay service to keep it private. In the future that may also become one of the ways the service is monetized. The list will always be free to view by members of the community in the future there will be additions made to monitor and maintain back links and of course new types of resources like Social Media sites. It comes down to this, in my 15 years of promoting websites the toughest most time intensive job is maintaining and monitoring promotion/link campaigns. Hopefully a community can do this more efficiently while adding more quality resources.

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